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Didn’t Axate used to be called Agate?

Yes, it’s true. When we launched we went by the name Agate. It’s a lovely, beautiful, mineral (the picture on our front page is a piece of Agate we have in the office), and a bit of a pun - a gate, not a (pay)wall.

But we have had to change names for dull trademark reasons. It’s because of our increasing rollout around the world.

So we have changed one letter in our name to become Axate.

Nothing else has changed. We’re still the same company. Wallets still work in exactly the same way. Your balance is still there and we work with the same increasing number of sites as before.

We’re excited to be growing and if you have had a wallet long enough to remember when we were “Agate” you can truly call yourself a pioneer.

If you’d like your pioneer reward, in the form of an Axate sticker and a little piece of Agate (the mineral), or just if you have any questions, drop us a line at with your address and we’ll send you some.

Meanwhile we hope you continue to enjoy using Axate to as we roll out to more and more sites in more and more countries.