How do I sign up?

Registration takes only 2 quick steps - you’ll be signed up in around 2 minutes. You only have to sign up once.

What happens when I get an Axate wallet?

The Axate wallet allows you to spend money and read articles across every site with the Axate green triangle.

How much do I have to spend to get started?

Get your Axate wallet started with only a £3.00 minimum top up. If you really don’t like it, you can get a refund of the unspent money in your wallet within 14 days.

How do I spend money from my Axate wallet?

Choose what you read, when you read it. There’s no subscription and you only pay for the articles you want to read. With Axate, you always have full visibility of what you have spent and what you have read.

Do I have to pay every time I want to read an article - say if I want to re-read it or read it bit by bit?

You pay once and then it’s yours to read however you want.

How do I know when a website is signed up to Axate?

Look out for the green Axate triangle.

Can I easily track what I'm spending?

The green Tab in the left of your screen lets you know when you’re being charged. Your Account page lets you keep track of everything you have read through Axate, and all your top ups. You have total control over your spending.

How do I know my data is safe?

Axate has rigorous security standards so your wallet and payments are totally secure. Your card details are stored not by us, but by our payment providers: Braintree and Paypal.