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Axate is the simplest, quickest and most scalable way for you to introduce payment for your website.

Being popular is what everyone wants, right? The more people like your content, the more money you should make.

Except, as we all know, this is probably not your experience as a digital publisher. Advertising revenues simply aren't reflecting the true value of your product.

You want people to like your content. And you need to make enough money to pay for it.

This is the circle that digital journalism still needs to square.

As much as publishers are trying to move to payment becoming the norm for high value media on the internet, something is missing.

Subscription models are great but don’t work for casual users. Which is a shame, because most of the way people access media online is pretty casual.

Axate steps into that gap and makes paying for your product as simple and casual as browsing it.

Engage with all the people who consume content on a casual basis, including those driven to you from social channels and aggregators. Don't think of it as a rival to subscriptions. This is not going to cannibalise your paid subscriptions - this is about making some money off the people currently using your site for free.

Agate enables you to earn direct income from all your audience, at scale, for the first time. And what's more, you keep total control of your price, your content, your product and your business model.

Your user signs up once for an Axate wallet. Funds it with as little as £3.00 and after that can choose when and what they spend their money on, generating multiple times the income from every user you can get than with advertising alone.

Charging people fairly and simply for the content they value can transform your commercial performance.

It’s fast, simple and risk-free to implement on your product