Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started with Axate

How do I sign up?

Registration takes only 2 quick steps - you’ll be signed up in around 2 minutes. You only have to sign up once. You can sign up right from the publisher’s site.

How is Axate different from a subscription?

There’s no commitment with Axate. We don’t automatically take money from you every month. You pre-pay a little bit into a wallet and then spend it when and where you choose. Only top-up again when you’re ready.

What happens when I get an Axate wallet?

Once you have an Axate wallet, you can pay to read articles across every site with the Axate green triangle, regardless of where you signed up. As our network grows you’ll be able to watch videos, listen to music and podcasts and even play games as well.

How much does it cost to get started?

Get your Axate wallet started with as little as a £3.00 or $3.00 minimum top up and then spend it on Axate sites whenever you like. If you really don’t like it, you can get a refund of the unspent money in your wallet within 14 days.

How much will it cost me to access an article?

Publishers set their own prices to suit their product. You can always check it by clicking on the green Axate tab. They also set a “free point”. Once you have reached the free point they won’t charge you any more during the free period, however much you read.

How do I spend money from my Axate wallet?

By default - just click on the item you want. We’ll just debit the cost from your wallet. If you want us to check with you every time, you can choose that option. With Axate, you always have full visibility of what you have spent and what you have read.

How does the free point work?

Publishers decide a maximum amount they want to charge users during a free period, usually a day or a week. Once you have spent that much, the rest of the period is free - the more you read in that publication, the better value you get. The actual pricing is decided by the publisher, not by Axate.

How do I know how long the free period lasts?

Just click on the Axate tab and look in the wallet. It tells you all the information about the free point and how long it will last on that site. If you’ve passed the free point already, it will tell you the time and date it will end.

Do I have to pay every time I want to read an article - say if I want to re-read it or read it bit by bit?

You only pay once. If you want to read it again you won’t be charged a second time.

Some articles say “free” in the Axate tab. Why is this?

Articles might be free for one of three reasons.

  1. It’s just free! The publisher decided not to charge anyone for it.

  2. You read it before, so you’re not being charged on subsequent visits.

  3. You passed the free point. During the free period, everything on that site is free!

How do I know when a website is signed up to Axate?

Look out for the green Axate triangle.

Can I easily track what I'm spending?

The green Tab in the left of your screen lets you know when you’re being charged. Your Account page lets you keep track of everything you have read through Axate, and all your top ups. You have total control over your spending.

How do I know my data is safe?

Axate has rigorous security standards so your wallet and payments are totally secure. Your card details are stored not by us, but by our payment providers: Braintree and Paypal.

Third party cookies

Why does Axate use third party cookies?

Axate doesn’t use third party cookies – Axate IS a third party cookie. In order for Axate to work on Axate-enabled publisher websites, it needs to place a cookie. Those cookies are treated by your browser as being a third party cookie.

What cookies does Axate place?

We place two cookies:

Agate_user This cookie tracks which pages you access on an Axate-enabled website, and what amounts have been debited from your Axate wallet, to make sure that you are correctly charged.

_mixpanel These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use the Axate service. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the service. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of users who see the Axate service, when and how users register with Axate, and the pages they visited.

Can I use Axate without third party cookies?

Sorry, no you can’t. If your browser is set to exclude all third party cookies, it will not allow you to log in to, or use Agate.

How do I allow third party cookies?

Here is how to change your third party cookie settings on various browsers.


  1. Go to Chrome > Preferences >Advanced Settings >Content Settings

  2. Turn “block third party cookies” to “off“.


  1. Go to Safari > Preferences >Privacy

  2. Under the heading “Cookies and website data” select “Always allow“


  1. Go to Firefox > Preferences > Privacy & Security

  2. Under the heading “Cookies and site data”, for the option “accept third-party cookies and site data” select “Always“.

Internet Explorer 8:

  1. click Tools > InternetOptions > Privacy > Advanced.

  2. Check the tick box “Accept Third-party Cookies” and click OK.


  1. Click Opera >Settings > Privacy & security link.

  2. Make sure that the “block third party cookies and site data” is unchecked

Android Chrome:

  1. Click the three breadcrumbs at the top right of the screen, select Settings > Site Settings > Cookies

  2. Turn “Cookies” to “on”

  3. Tick “allow third party cookies”.

Iphone / iPad Safari:

  1. Go to Settings > Safari

  2. Scroll down to “Privacy and Settings”.

  3. Turn “block all cookies” to “off”.