How It Works


You are always in control

Implementing Axate on is a quick and simple process. You'll have to do some simple technology changes but that's all. There’s no cost from Axate. There's no risk for you.

Enable Axate on your site and every customer with an Axate wallet can pay for your content instantly.

The Agate team have 18 months experience of how to make this work in the UK and US, and decades of experience working in the media. We work with you to make sure it works for you.

Months and months of testing, A/B testing and refining messages are part of the learning you get when you sign up with Agate. You can run your own tests too, to understand your audience and refine your offer.

Essentially it is this simple. Plug in the Axate technology into your website. Decide on what bits you want people to pay for. And choose your pricing. Then you are ready to go.