Publisher FAQs

How much does it cost to implement Axate?

There are no upfront fees to implement the payment wallet. Technical implementation is quick and simple.

How hard is it? Can I do it without technical help?

Some non-technical publishers have implemented Axate completely on their own without any technical help. If you use developers or an in-house team they should be able to tackle the technical aspects very quickly. We have an implementation guide to help and we’re always on the end of a phone or email to help

What price can I charge?

Axate is built as a tool for publishers to use in a way which suits them. We don’t set prices or control your product.

This means you charge what you want. As a publisher you set a price per article/video/audio. You can also set a maximum price you will charge a user on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Once they have spent up to this limit, they won’t be charged any more for your product. This means that the more they use your product, the better value they get for their money - and they can forget about accidentally spending more than they meant to.

Can I still have free content as well as paid online?

Yes you can. You are still in control of everything on your site so it i s at every publishers discretion what is free and what users can only access through the Axate wallet. You flag which items are paid and which are free in your CMS.

Do I have to remove advertising from my site?

You don’t have to remove advertising in order to implement Axate - it’s your site after all! But our advice would be that you should consider how your site looks and feels to a user if you want them to pay for your product. They’re the customer, so they need to love your product. If advertising is getting in the way of that you might want to reduce it. If not, then why not have the best of both?

Why should I help sign customers to Axate and then let them spend their money on other peoples sites?

Two reasons.

Firstly, people will use Axate if it makes their omnivorous internet browsing easy. The more places it works, the more useful it is and the more they will spend. Everyone benefits from this sort of network effect.

Secondly, we offer incentives to publishers who help sign up users. To learn more about that, get in touch.

How much do I get when people who have Axate wallets already come to my site?

Axate operates on a revenue share model - we take a little bit of the money users spend, publishers get the rest. We’ll explain it in detail as part of the onboarding process.

What data and information do I get?

Axate will give you a detailed dashboard showing activity on your site. We’ll also send you monthly reports.

When it comes to user data we stay within GDPR rules - and we need user consent to share their data - but we do ask at appropriate opportunities. Our interest is in giving you the best data we can to help you optimise your product.

Remember that Axate is a tool which you add to your website. We don’t host your content or aggregate it. So whatever data you currently get from your own site, you’ll still get.

Can I promote my site on other publishers’ sites?

Yes. Collaborating with other publishers can be one of the best ways to increase your traffic and revenue.