What is Axate?

Axate is a new company we are working with that allows you to pay for online news. It allows you to pay on a per-article basis rather than through a subscription, with no commitment.

Why are you charging for articles?

We know this move won’t be popular with everyone but, simply put, good quality journalism costs money.

Changing reader habits have created challenges for many publishers. Online news allows us to reach a wider audience than we have before, but digital advertising revenue alone is not enough to sustain local independent newspapers.

Collectively, hundreds of hours of work go in to every print edition we produce, most of which goes online. We ask you to pay a cover price for our newspapers and now we’re asking you to pay a small amount to read some of our best content on our websites.

We believe our journalism provides a valuable service to the community, but we can only continue providing that service if it is sustainable.

Are you charging for all of your content?

No. We want you to get the most value possible from the Axate pay-per-article system, so it is in place for some of our longer, more in-depth pieces and Opinion Page entries. Our Community Calendar, obituaries, classifieds, and public notices will remain openly accessible for everyone to view without charge.

How much do I pay?

Premium articles cost just 20 cents each to read. However, there is a daily cap of 20 cents. That means once you have paid to read 1 article, you can enjoy totally free access to every story for the remainder of the day.

How do I sign up?

Registration only takes a couple of minutes. Simply click the ‘register’ button under the Axate symbol on the left hand side of the page or on any premium article.

You will asked to provide a few details and payment information, and you can top up your Agate wallet with as little as $3.

As a special introductory offer, we will double the amount that you credit to your wallet if you register before 31 July 2019. Start off with $3 and we’ll double it to $6. Put in $5 and we’ll increase it to $10; or begin with $8 and we’ll double it to $16.

How does the wallet work?

Your Axate wallet is the money you put into your account to spend on premium articles. It is not a subscription service so you only spend the money you put in, and you only spend it when you choose to read premium articles.

You will also be able to spend money from your Axate wallet on a growing number of other newspaper sites which have signed up to the Axate system.

Will I be charged again if I return to an article I have already paid for?

No. Once you have paid to access the article you will be free to read it any time and as much as you want without being charged extra.

Where can I learn more about Axate?

Visit https://axate.com to find out more about Axate and its features. If you’re having a problem registering or accessing your Axate account, or want to contact them for any other reason, just email Axate on support@axate.com

Last updated 24 June 2019