Every publisher needs better ways to make money.


Axate is a federated payment wallet for digital media.

Publishers can use it to enable instant payments for their digital products.

Users can take their wallet to any participating site and pay effortlessly for what they want - without commitment.

As the network grows, so do the opportunities and rewards for all.

Axate is a better way for people to pay the price you choose for the journalism you create.







How Axate works

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the axate wallet

The Axate wallet sits in the corner of every enabled site and product. It contains a cash balance which users have pre-paid - when they read one of your paid items, the cost is deducted from their balance. By default it works automatically in the background.

inside the axate wallet

If the user clicks on the wallet, it slides out to show them more information - their balance, the prices you have set and when your site will become free for them. They can also get into their account page and controls from here.

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Zero-click interaction

Axate gives users complete control and they can choose to authorise every payment if they choose. But thanks to the reassurance of price caps and knowing that they won’t be charged twice for the same thing, most users opt to allow Axate to charge them automatically. That means they’re never forced to interact with us at all, they can just focus on your product. But they’re always in total control.

Our leadership team


Axate has the most knowledgeable and experienced leadership team in the field. With long established reputations for strategic and innovative excellence, and deep understanding of the media industry, we have unrivalled capabilities and connections which drive our thinking and our product.


Dominic Young

Dominic Young is Axate’s Founder and CEO. In a range of senior roles at Newscorp in the UK and worldwide, he led many commercial, strategic and operational functions. He also initiated and led a range of cross-industry initiatives and companies. An expert on copyright and IP, licensing, digital strategy and rights-related issues, he is a well known speaker and writer on the challenges facing the media and ways of addressing them. He was brought up by journalists and was briefly a photographer before getting into the other end of the business.


Gavin o’reilly

Gavin O’Reilly is Axate’s Chairman. His extensive media industry experience includes Group CEO of Independent News & Media PLC, running over 200 media titles with more than 100m readers across Ireland, UK, South Africa, India and Australasia. He is the former President of WAN-IFRA (World Association of News and Newspapers), former CEO of The Agency Group, and currently Executive Chairman of Red Flag Consulting LTD.

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Tristan Leaver

Tristan Leaver is Axate’s Chief Commercial Officer, working with our publishing partners to grow new sustainable reader revenues. He has over twenty years experience of digital publishing having led global teams at BBC.com, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian.


Victoria Silberbauer

Victoria Silberbauer is Axate’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. A lawyer for over 20 years, she spent 13 years at News UK, giving her deep experience of the legal, management and operational needs of the publishing and digital advertising industries. Her experience also covers film and tv, sports rights, online gaming, digital publishing and e-commerce.