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Thanks for choosing to read an in-depth articles from Reaction. In exchange, we’re asking for a small contribution towards the cost of creating it.

You’ll be supporting independent, quality journalism, which has never been needed more. Please consider the 30p per article we are asking to be great value.

The best news is that you will never spend more than £1.20 per week, no matter how many articles you read on Reaction during that week. The more you read, the better value you get.

Click the Axate button to register - it takes seconds to sort.

In order to things a little clearer, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Thanks for your support.

Iain Martin, editor


1/ You’re asking me to pay?

Yes, a little bit. We want to give you choice: you can sign up for a membership or you can to try us on a pay-as-you-go, page-by-page basis. Once you sign up to Axate, we’ll take a modest 30p whenever you choose to read one of our paid-for articles. If you don’t read anything, or if you read one of our free articles, you won’t pay anything.

If you do decide to read a paid-for article, we’ll take 30p per story, up to a weekly limit of £1.20. Once you’ve paid £1.20, you can then binge read* all week on Reaction.

2/ What if I already have a subscription/membership?

If you have a membership or subscription, hopefully our system recognized you, and Axate didn’t request payment from you. Nothing’s perfect, especially in the world of technology: if you do see an Axate payment request then try logging in as a member. If that doesn’t work, Axate will do their utmost to fix the problem: contact them on

3/ Can I get the members-only letters and emails via Axate

Sorry: there’s a reason they’re called “members only”.

But we’d love to have you as a member – you can sign up here.

4/ How do I sign up?

It’s really easy. You do not need to divulge lots of personal data and you only need to sign up once. After that, you will be able to visit any other site which uses Axate without any further action. Just click the “register” button on the Axate tab.

5/ Is it trustworthy?

Yes. Axate uses Braintree and PayPal to process payments, so you know your credit card details are secure.

6/ Is it transparent?

Yes. We want to make sure you know exactly what’s happening at all points. You can choose whether or not to actively authorise each payment, or you can pre-approve certain charges, depending on your personal preferences and spending limits. The green Axate tab on the side of your screen will always let know when you’ve been charged. The tab will also allow you to see prices, your progress towards the weekly “free point” and give you access to your account details.

7/ How much are we asking for?

You can upload as little as £3 into your wallet. If you don’t like it, you can cancel within 14 days and you´ll get a full refund of your unspent balance. There’s no subscription. When your wallet runs low, you decide how much to top up. If you don’t spend anything your wallet stays at the same balance.

8/ How does the daily limit work?

Axate is a pay-per-article system. The price is set at 30p per article, but there is a weekly “free point”. If you spend £1.20 in a week (four articles), you can then consume content for the rest of the week, free of charge. This system means you never spend more than £1.20 per week, whether you read three, five, 10 or more of our longer stories*. The week begins when you read your first article and will reset 168 later.

9/ Do I have to deal with this every time I want to read something?

No. Once you’ve signed up, the payment for each article is instantaneous. You won’t have to continually enter your payment details, or sign up for multiple sites. If you choose to pay automatically, you won’t even have to click anything. This system cuts out any hassle.

Even better, if you go to another Axate-enabled site it will just work there too without any more signing-up or topping-up.

10/ What if I want to re-read something?

Having paid for an article once, you can re-read it whenever you like, at no extra cost. If you wish to go back to something six months later, you can – there’s no time restriction.

11/ Can I use my Axate wallet on other sites?

You can also use your Axate Wallet on other publications, like The Cricketer (, The Maidenhead Advertiser (, and Popbitch ( and a wide and expanding range of other titles. To keep up to date on where you can use Axate, just go to If you sign up through Reaction, you will be helping to support us - even if you use the money to read articles elsewhere. Reaction benefits every time you top up your wallet, regardless of where you spend the money. We think Axate have set up a sensible system of funding for digital publishing. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to graze across various websites without having to sign up or subscribe separately to each one.

– If you want to talk to us about Axate (or anything), please email

– If you have some feedback you think Axate would benefit from, please email

* Fair use restrictions will apply

Last updated 20th June 2019